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HMW DNA isolation

Bio S&T is now offering HMW DNA isolation service. Our HMW DNA is high-quality nuclear DNA which is suitable for many sequencing platforms such as PacBio, BioNano Genomics, 10X genomics, Oxford Nanopore Technology and Illumina HiSeqX sequencing.

We offer megabase-sized DNA in 2 formats depending on your downstream applications:

  • NGS-quality HWM DNA in buffer (40-150Kb or more)
  • Ultra-pure HMW DNA agarose plugs optimized for BioNano Genomics (Minimum of 4 plugs; ~2ug to 5ug per plug; 40-1Gb or more)

The service includes:

  • PFGE picture of the HMW DNA quality and quantity.

We can ship directly to the client or to any sequencing facility.