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Human tRNA reagents

Bio S&T is the only commercial provider of highly purified human tRNAs.

RNA is most widely used as the primer of retroviral reverse transcriptases. The 3’ end of the transfer RNA binds to the complementary binding site on the viral RNA therefore initiating reverse transcription.

  1. tRNA Lysine 3 is the primer of HIV-I, HIV-II, SIV and FIV.
  2. tRNA Lysine 1,2 are the primers of BLV, HTLV-I and II, SSV, FLV, VV, CAEV, MPMV, SMR and EIAV.
  3. tRNA Tryptophan and tRNA Proline are the primers of ASNV, SSV, FLV, BLV, MLV, HTLV-I and II.

Since it has been well documented that artificial transfer RNA does not posses the same biological properties as natural tRNA, human purified transfer RNAs are largely in demand for retroviral research, especially HIV related research.

The extraction and purification of transfer RNA from a natural source such as human placenta is a highly complex and delicate procedure.

Here are our unique transfer RNA products:


Product description Catalogue No. Unit size
tRNA Lysine 3, pure Source: Human placenta BH101 1 ug
tRNA Lysine 1,2, pure Source: Human placenta BH102 1 ug
tRNA Lysine, partial Source: Human placenta BH103 10 ug
tRNA Proline, pure Source: Human placenta BH201 1 ug
tRNA Proline, partial Source: Human placenta  BH202 10 ug
tRNA Tryptophan, pure Source: Human placenta BH301 1 ug
tRNA Tryptophan, partial Source: Human placenta  BH302 10 ug
Total transfer RNA Source: Human placenta BH401 100 ug
Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetase (from bovine liver) BH501 1,000 ug
NEW! tRNA Arginine, pure Source: Human placenta  BH601 1 ug
NEW! tRNA Serine, pure Source: Human placenta  BH701 1 ug