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Full BAC clone sequencing

Our price: $1,499 / unit

One unit is equal to 10Kb (insert DNA + vector). The final cost will increase or decrease according to the final assembled genome size. Price does not include genome annotation.

Outline of the procedure

  1. Cell culture of BAC clones.
  2. Extraction & Purification of BAC DNA.
  3. Determination of BAC Size (vector plus insertion).
  4. Construction of Random Shotgun Library.
  5. Sequencing:
    1. Template DNA Extraction & Purification.
    2. Shotgun sequencing by universal primer.
    3. Real time annotation reports:
      1. Assemble
      2. Contig Alignment
      3. Bridge (Linking) Clone Identification
  6. Cell culture of BAC clones.
    1. Determination of bridge clone sequence or, random amplified PCR products based on contig end specific primers.
    2. Average genome coverage > 99%.

Special offer

Clients who have constructed and screened a BAC library with Bio S&T, or will do so at a future date, will benefit from a preferred rate.


BAC end sequencing

$120 US per clone (less than 5 clones)

BAC end sequencing is a powerful technique that enables the rapid and precise assembly of huge mega-base sequences of chromosomal regions in large-scale genome sequencing. The use of BAC end sequencing technology in aligning large genome fragments can effectively avoid gaps and a large number of unnecessary repetition sequencing resulting from 'shotgun' cloning.

Bio S&T will end-sequence the BAC clone(s) of interest using APAgene technology. Client will receive about 300bp of sequencing information, per end. Data will be delivered in text format and chromatogram is available.

Turnaround time is about 1 week for less than 5 clones.