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About Bio S&T

Bio S&T Inc. is a privately owned contract research organization incorporated in 1996.

We are a world-leading provider of cutting-edge gene discovery solutions. We are proud to offer our clients our flagship BAC library construction and screening service. Our clients in the crop, animal and microbial science community, have been extremely pleased with the many successful screening projects we have completed. We have provided the requisite clones containing gene sequences of interest such transgene insertion sites, small molecule biosynthetic gene clusters etc. Additionally, we offer BAC clone and genomic sequencing; fosmid and cosmid genomic library construction, normalized and subtracted cDNA library construction, as well as exclusive products used in retroviral research and genomic walking.

Our premium services have catered the biotechnology research community for the last twenty years. We strive to continue developing technologies and research protocols internally. We possess extensive experience in the handling of various materials ranging from plant, animal and human tissue, terrestrial and marine microorganisms and fungi. We have both the capacity and competence to complete projects of varying complexity.

Our trusted management team and strong technical group enable us to undertake the most challenging tasks and to guide our clients throughout the outsourcing process. We provide hands-on support and expert advice such as providing project estimates tailored to each client’s needs, ensuring proper material handling and shipping and providing technical support subsequent to project completion. Our streamlined logistics enables us to ship and receive packages in dry ice worldwide with ease.

Another distinguishing aspect of our business is our ability to serve our clients in a choice of 3 languages. We are multilingual at Bio S&T and can serve you in English, French as well as Mandarin.

Due to these advantages and achievements, Bio S&T has been able to retain the privilege of providing research services for almost all of the world’s top pharmaceutical, agriculture and biotech companies, as well as some of the most renowned universities and research institutes.

Areti Karadimos MSc - Project Management

Areti Karadimos MSc - Gestion de projet Ms. Areti Karadimos completed her masters at the Microbiology Department of the Dentistry Faculty of the University of Montreal (2001). She has been at Bio S&T since 2001 is in charge of Project Management...


Eswar Ramalingam MSc - Business development

Eswar Ramalingam MSc - Développement des affaires Mr. Eswar Ramalingam is a molecular microbiologist with specialization in the cloning and expression of biosynthetic gene clusters of Streptomyces bacteria which encode the production of novel antibiotics and anti-cancer drugs...


Dr. Zhuo Li PhD - CEO

Docteur Zhuo Li PhD - CEO Dr. Zhuo Li completed his PhD at McGill University and his post-doctorate at the laboratory of Dr. Mark Wainberg and Dr. Lawrence Kleiman  at the McGill AIDS center (1996)...