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Yeast Two-Hybrid (Y2H) Screening

Two-hybrid screening (Y2H or yeast two-hybrid screening) is an important molecular biology technique used to identify and study protein interactions. It can be a valuable tool in the study of protein-protein or protein-DNA interactions

Our services includes:

  1.    Cloning the bait target into Y2H vector and sequencing. It can be a short (truncated) or full length gene.
  2.    Testing bait for self-activation and toxicity.
  3.    Library screening and interaction validation.
  4.    Isolating and sequencing positive clones.

You provide either:

  • 2~5 µg of the bait target gene in a plasmid or
  • the gene sequence file so it can be generated in our laboratory (fee applies).

You will receive:

  • List of positive clones and sequences (up to 20 clones).
  • 2~5 µg of plasmid DNA of each positive clone.

Turnaround time: Approximately 2 months.