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Lambda/Shotgun DNA


Bio S&T can clone large inserts ranging in size from 9-23 kb into a lamdba vector. The Lambda DASH II Vector (Stratagene) will be used for genomic lambda library construction. Instructions will be followed as specified by manufacturer (Stratagene). We do not guarantee average insert size but will attempt to obtain desired range of average insert size. Insert size can vary from about 9-23Kb, as specified in manufactures’ kit. We guarantee the minimum requested 1,000,000 clones.


  • DNA purification ( >100kb in average).
  • DNA random shearing by enzymatic methods.
  • Size fractionation.
  • Sticky-end ligation to the vector.
  • Packaging and stock preparation.
  • Customer will receive non-amplified phage stocks.
  • Recombinant clones will be a minimum of 1 million.